Jose Cruz, Luthier

Jose Cruz

Jose Cruz began his apprenticeship, as a luthier, with Nash Mondragon the owner of Cremona Violin Dealers & Maker of San Francisco in 1990. During his apprenticeship with Mr. Mondragon, he had the opportunity to work on some historically important violins. Including the Nicolò Amati. The Italian Antonio Stradivaris. The Guarneri family, Cremona. Grancino, Guarnerius, Ruggieri, Gagliano . Giovanni Battista Guadagnini,  Enrico Rocca. Fagnola . Vicenzo  Panormo and  French instruments. Pierre Josphe Hell. J.B. Vuillaume.

Jose also had the opportunity to work on bows such as Lamy , Pajeot.  Katty . Pierre Simon. Peccatte. Tourte.  Vuillaume. W.E.Hill & Sons.  Tubbs.  Eugene Sartory. And more.

After completing his apprenticeship in 2009 Jose Cruz continued to work for Nash Mondragon until 2012 when Mr. Mondragon retired.

Mr. Nash Mondrag

Before opening his San Francisco shop Mash Mondragon worked with Mr. Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles. In 1960, Hans Weisshaar established the company and became the first violin maker and restorer of his caliber in the western United States. And,  prior to coming to Los Angeles, Hans Weisshaar had spent many years working with Ferdinando Sacconi in New York. It is from these masters Jose gained a strong commitment to the mastery and use of traditional techniques.

The most important activities in our violin-making workshop have always been the repair and meticulous restoration of string instruments. He is  happy to be at your a work shop practice that utilizes traditional, time honored repair and restoration techniques executed to the highest standard.

Lastly, Jose would like you to know that his greatest inspiration comes from the Italian, French and German instrument makers. And, that he specializes in the repair and restoration of historically significant instruments.

ScarampellaStefano Scarampella (1843-January 23, 1925) was an Italian violin and cello maker. He is considered to be one of the best 20th century violin makers. His works are worth over $200,000.